CS:GO Tournament

Proudly sPONSORED by:

PC419 are proud to announce our first CS:GO tournament!

Thanks to our awesome sponsors at Cooler Master, PLE Computers, Aorus & PacificES,

PC419 are hosting our first CS:GO tournament.

16 teams will compete for a share of the $600 prize pool & more. Including 5x Cooler Master MS121 Keyboard & Mouse Sets for the winners (1 each), over 2 days during the weekend before PAX (Saturday 20/10/18 & Sunday 21/10/18)

There is no entry fee and teams in the Oceanic Region are allowed to enter.

The action each day will commence at 11am (Sydney) and most matches will be broadcasted on Twitch thanks to our fantastic team of casters.

If your team want to prove you've got what it takes to win, then fill in the form below, and make sure you join our tournament discord!

For more information about our casters or to familiarise yourself with the rules click the buttons below.


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