Mittoni Technology acquires Rectron Electronics

According to an article on, Aussie distributor Rectron Electronics has now been acquired by Mittoni Technologies.

Rectron has had more than 15 years of distribution experience and was one of the power house IT component distributors in Australia carrying a large range of popular products to sell to the Australian IT retail market.

Mittoni take over includes Customers, Database, stock from warehouses in Brisbane,Sydney and Melbourne.

Mittoni will also be absorbing some of Rectrons Staff members increasing Mittoni staff count from 30 to 40-45.

Rectron was one of PC419 first sponsors to help promote the brand and Modding in Australia with the event called Upgrade Australia 5.0

We would like to personally thank Rectron for supporting PC419 as it will never be forgotten.

According to Mittoni general manager, Lian Yu they expect a quick and seamless take over and pushing forward to become Australia top end IT distribution supplier, Also working Closely with Rectron customers to bring best customer service who did hold an account with Rectron now have an account with Mittoni by default due to the take over.

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