NVIDIA Announce GeForce RTX Series Graphics cards

The day has finally come! What the internet has been speculating about is now a reality; the new NVIDIA GPU; code-named "Turing" running on TU104 GPU just got announced in Cologne, Germany at the Gamescom Event. I must admit, the only "con" i have about the launch after viewing it live on Twitch, is the picture quality was filmed horrendously and made it hard to see all the finer details as you can see below. But launch wise, I think NVIDIA did pretty well.

Jensen Huang CEO of NVIDIA showcased three new consumer cards, announcing the RTX 2070, RTX 2080 and the RTX 2080Ti, now the performance difference of the current Pascal cards proves to be breaking a lot of leaps and bounds due to the new RTX technology in this series, NVIDIA do not measure the compute power as previous generations, usually measured in Gigi-flops and Tera-flops but now translating to "Gigi-rays".

The new Founder's Edition cards will feature a dual fan design compared to the previous generation Founder's which only had single blower style cooling system, NVIDIA are adopting the AIB style coolers to keep the GPU's cooler and in this case increasing performance. Jensen Huang (Founder of NVIDIA) mentioned that these cards are dead silent even under full spinning load and are nowhere near as loud as previous cards.

Lets get down to specs on each card:

RTX 2070

  • 6 Gigi-rays per second

  • 45T RTX-OPS per second


RTX 2080

  • 8 Gigi-rays per second

  • 60T RTX-OPS per second


RTX 2080Ti

  • 10 Gigi-rays per second

  • 78T RTX-OPS per second


Lets take a look at the rear ports on the GPU's which seem very interesting. As we can see there has been an added little feature that appears to be USB Type C, no doubt which will be for Virtual Link (NVLink) to meet the requirements of next generation VR headsets, and also features three Display Ports and 1 HDMI. The cards are capable of 8K resolutions.

The display support all three 2070/80/80Ti have are:

A lot of people have been asking "Why NVIDIA RTX?". NVIDIA RTX is a ray tracing technology adopted by NVIDIA that brings real-time, cinematic quality rendering that allows new technology to take advantage of features that previously, put a lot of strain on GPU's and render . As we seen in star wars scene created by NVIDIA engineers using RTX technology. NVIDIA have chosen to ditch the long loved GTX line and change things up a bit with the RTX branding.

This is RTX OFF. As you can see the shadows look artificial and dark areas are very dark, this is conventional to Technology we use now.

And this is with RTX ON, you can see the light from the skylight looks so natural, the realism around the areas with light haze also show clarity of the glass ball and shadows around the room, and this is all done in real time.

Some more examples of the RTX off on in the newest Shadow of the Tomb Raider game.

NVIDIA did showcase they have been working with game developers to utilize this revolutionary new RTX technology and I have to say, its absolutely beautiful how it works. Here are some of the games that will feature this Technology in the coming months.

The price point is very well presented in my opinion due to the R&D of the RTX Series. This is a new leap for Tech, and will offer new ability to VR, AI, and everything we see Graphically as we know it. The prices for these cards are: RTX 2070 from $499.00 USD, RTX 2080 is $699.00 USD and the price of the RTX 2080Ti is $999.00 USD.

We would love to know your thoughts on NVIDIA's newest line-up of Graphical Solution. Are the 20 Series RTX worthy of an upgrade for your rig? Let us know in the comments below!

Please note:Photos used in this article are from the NVIDIA Keynote Cologne Germany via LIVE Twitch feed www.twitch.tv/nvidia

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