My Take On The Melbourne eSports Open

The Melbourne eSports Open was on last weekend and I thought it would be a great opportunity to see how well we can present a professional eSports event here in Melbourne.

Unfortunately, I must say that I felt the event layout was really not set out well at all. As for the people working at the event, it seemed as though half of them had no idea where anything was either when I asked. Luckily I had an event map and set times to help guide me through the day.

As for the events main stage, it was incredibly well presented and was exactly like what you see on Twitch or TV.

We had great seats and enjoyed the League of Legends match between Dire Wolves and Chiefs.

The event also had another staging area which at the time I walked past, had another League Of Legends match going.

We then proceeded to the JB HI-FI Game on zone which was well organised but looked unfinished. However that certainly did not stop gamers playing and play they did!

Vendors had also come out in force for the event, showcasing and selling products for the attendees.

People also had a great chance to try products before they bought them as everything was out on show.

Later on we proceeded to the Quake Champions booth where our very own SLiCkFlow was doing live commentary for the 1v1 Quake tournament.

Corvidae, one of the most respected eSports organisations in Australia was represented by SLiCkFlow for this event and the Tournament.

Of course you're probably wondering why i keep saying "WE", I brought along Junior PC419'er (Mason) to show him what PC Gaming is all about.


He loved it ;)

He played Quake Champions for the first time and did very well!

Yes, he also played some PS4 for the first time but it is most likely his last time too. ;)

So my overall thoughts on the event? There is much more room for improvement, but for a first event it was well presented and the stages were set up perfectly and had the atmosphere to back it up. Unfortunately the atmosphere outside left a lot to be desired and was less impressive, with only a few vendors like HP with the OMEN bus, which was great. However apart from that it didn't show much more, unless you where watching the Tournament. I hope that next year it will be held on a larger scale and really pushing the esports atmosphere throughout the whole event, and not just on the main stage Did you attend the event? We would love to hear your thoughts!

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