Zeus' Battlegrounds Beta Signup

Battle Royale is a game genre that over the past couple years has continued to grow, with more and more games constantly coming out.

Next on the list is Zeus' Battlegrounds. It is a free-to-play, melee-based, 100+ player Battle Royale game set in the time of Olympus and the Greek Gods. Play Solo or in Teams of up to 4 players, collect Godlike Gear and Legendary Weapons, and prove you are worthy of becoming a god!

This game looks like a tonne of fun and its melee only approach will certainly be an interesting approac but is very fitting for the game. Of course this leads to many potential issues such as if the melee combat is broken in the slightest, it will be very noticeable and potentially make the game unplayable. The other issue is that free-to-play generally increases the risk of hackers, so without a good anti cheat, we could end up reliving the horrible saga experienced with the number of hackers in PUBG.

Official Trailer:

Sign up for the beta here:


Steam Store Page:


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