NVIDIA To Release RTX 2070 On 17th Of October

NVIDIA have officially confirmed the release date of the younger brother to the RTX 2080 and Ti variant; the RTX 2070. Set to release on October the 17th, NVIDIA seems to think this will be the go-to card for performance that NVIDIA claims is "at great price". Starting from $499 USD, keeping in mind this if for the RTX 2070 not the Founder's Edition. This will put the card at around $899 AUD at launch, similar priced to the previous generation's flagship card; the GeForce GTX 1080Ti. We can expect the Founder's Edition to be an RRP of $100 more as it will keep the pattern of the other 20 series cards and have a slightly higher boost clock of 90Mhz from factory. One thing to note however, is that the RTX 2070 lacks support for multi-GPU NVLINK SLI capability.

The RTX 2070 will feature a single 8-pin power design, keeping the dual axial fans that the 2080 and 2080Ti version inherit for cooler, more quieter performance under load. Even though the card looks pretty much the same and has the same features as the 2080 and 2080Ti in terms of looks and cooling solution, the 2070 is a little bit smaller measuring 9.0” or 228.60mm vs the bigger brothers which are 10.5” or 266.74mm (both 2080 and 2080TI are the same cooler).


NVIDIA CUDA® Cores 2304 2304


Giga Rays/s 6 6

Boost Clock (MHz) 1710 MHz (OC) 1620 MHz

Base Clock (MHz) 1410 MHz 1410 MHz

Memory Speed 14 Gbps 14 Gbps

Memory Config 8 GB GDDR6 8GB GDDR6

Memory Interface Width 256-Bit 256-Bit

Memory Bandwidth (GB/sec) 448 GB/s 448 GB/s

Needless to say, we can't wait to get our hands-on tests done with these cards, and compare them to the previous generation to see exactly where the RTX 2070 fits in terms of price vs. performance. We are expecting somewhere between the 1080 and 1080Ti (we hope).

What are your thoughts on the newly launched RTX series? Let us know and throw a comment below!


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