"Apex Legends"; A Free-To-Play Battle Royale "Titanfall" Style Game Announced An

Have you seen or heard about rumours recently that a new "Titanfall" style battle royale game was coming?

This Friday just gone, a leaked report surfaced into the wild stating that Respawn Entertainment and EA were secretly working on a free-to-play Titanfall style battle royale game. The claims had appeared to be a bit farfetched, saying that the game was in development and that it was going to be released this week; a bit hard to believe don't you think? Considering it hadn't even been announced officially.

On Sunday night, Respawn Entertainment confirmed everything and that the rumours are in fact true, and were proud to announce and release the free-to-play title on Monday. Today, we have been greeted with the official release of Apex Legends; revealed as a free-to-play hero style battle royale game set in a Titanfall like universe for PS4, XBOX One and PC. What a surprise!

Apex Legends features class based heroes with unique abilities, which appear very similar to the Overwatch style of characters on offer. Matches will feature a 60 player per-game, with a maximum of 3 players per team. Actions will be reflected upon, and each player will use different classes to work together to compliment each other and achieve victory on the battlefield.

Keeping in mind, we mentioned above that the game was a "Titanfall" style game, which is quite the contrary, as the game is absent one key thing; Titans. This may explain why the game was called Apex Legends and didn't feature the word Titans in the name of the game. So, the game is pretty much derived off the Titanfall universe, but with a great refreshing twist.

Whilst the game does not offer exact similarities, it however does use the same game engine to achieve the look and feel; Valve's Source Engine, which both Titanfall and Titanfall 2 were designed on. This makes Apex Legends look and feel as close to the Titanfall universe as possible.

Overall, the game looks great, I feel that whilst we are all steering away from that game changing battle royale fad, this will be a great refreshing take and can potentially be one of the best contenders in the genre. A very interesting release date however, as one of the most anticipated online games to be announced comes out this month too; Anthem. Which funnily enough, EA has their hands on too. Hopefully this is a good move for the company and the player base stays strong for both offerings.

What are your thoughts on Apex Legends? Is battle royale a thing of the past? As always, be sure to leave us a comment down below!

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