"The Future Unfolds" - Samsung unveil $3,500 Galaxy Fold at Samsung Unpacked.

Today was the day that people have been waiting for, with Samsung hosting their yearly press conference at 6am AEDT. Rumours were thick and fast in the days leading up to it and the majority of them were true. One rumour that has been around for a few years now was Samsungs plan for a foldable smart phone.

The rumours were finally true with Samsung straight away announcing a new category of smart phone with the Galaxy Fold (available in both LTE & 5G versions).

With a 4.6" display when folded and a 7.3" infinity flex display unfolded. This smart phone instantly and seamlessly transforms into a tablet. It's sophisticated hinge system allows users to fold it time after time, naturally and smoothly.

Under the hood of the Galaxy Fold you'll find:

- 512GB of on board memory

- A state of the art 7nm processor

- 12GB of ram

- 2 batteries (totalling 4,380 mAh)

- A whopping 6 cameras! (3 on the back, 2 on the inside & 1 on the front)

- Bixby button on the side

Oh...and a headphone jack!

Samsung also showed off 3 app seamless multitasking thanks to app continuity. This allows users to have up to 3 different apps open at once and allow for enhanced multitasking.

Other apps will also be enhanced with the Galaxy Fold, such as Google Maps. Simply unfolding the phone allows users to see a larger area on the map in more detail. Samsung are also working with a list of other companies to allow maximum support for apps while the phone is unfolded.

The Galaxy fold is expected to hit shelves April 26th 2019 and will cost $1,980 USD (Which will see it hit the Australian market at an expected approximate price of $3,500 AUD.)


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