Alienware "UFO" Concept

CES has come and gone so quickly as it does every year and as always all the tech the companies showcasing new tech.

Alienware have a concept looking very close to the Nintendo Switch! calling it the "UFO"

Alienware was keeping very quiet on the specs but we know it is running 720p as for CPU we would think AMD have made a great presence with integrated Graphics and have low power consumption Processors and graphics as it is a hand held gaming system, our concerns is as it is running Windows OS will background programs chew through the battery life or cause issues with Blue screening, so i think Alienware have a lot head of them making this come true but if this has to come to retail i will be definitely be buying one my self.

Once we have more info about the UFO will keep this post up to date.

What are your thoughts on the Alienware UFO would you prefer a Nintedo switch or Windows OS handheld gaming system?

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