AMD Radeon Announce After market RX5700 and RX5700 XT Video Cards

With the launch of AMD new Ryzen processors AMD has also launched RX series video cards.

At the moment AMD have only released the blower style cards to board partners, as we all know AMD have struggled with high performance hardware from both sides of the market chasing Intel and NVIDIA, but now AMD have released hardware to compete with the competitors in the market, But has AMD done enough in performance to compete with NVIDIA new SUPER series cards?

As we are yet to test these cards in house and many of the reviewers online have already, signs are shown of card cooling is going to be more needed, which AMD board partners are now going to be releasing in August 2019.

MSI looks like have leaked the MECH series RX5700 and RX5700XT cards online providing more cooling to the chip set and VRMs with two fans and MSI well known TORX series fans on the cooling heat sink. With better cooling this will give better head room for slight over clock and longer life of the video card.

Below we have the specs on the RX5700, showing good specs and good performance for 1080p gaming and high 1440p gaming as well.

and now we have the RX5700XT showing again 8GB of GDDR6 but high clock speeds the then RX5700 and 4 more compute units also 9.75 TFLOP's over the RX5700 with only 7.95 TFLOP's.

Has this performance increase from previous generations giving you the push to upgrade or has NVIDIA super series cards and recent price drop keeping on you team Green?

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