Apple and Google kick Fornite(epic games) off the stores

If you are a Fortnite player on mobile devices and still have it installed well do not uninstall it as you will not be able to at the present moment or for a long time.

both Apple store and Google play store have deleted the game off from the listing due to a controversial payment system that was implemented by Epic games in its last update.

as well all know both Google and Apple take a fair chunk of money from every transaction from games/apps as well as in-app transactions.

We have heard Apple take up to 30% of each transaction and when you have a game like Fornite where every person wants that new skin or battle pass Epic games the creator of Fornite thought why should they be sharing that money with Apple or Google.

This is what started the war between Apple/Google and Epic games, the internal payment system which Apple does not allow to have, Apple/Google wanted every app user to use Apple pay or Google payment due to fraudulent activity with credit cards or Paypal accounts been used outside the App stores, but Epic games inserted there own payment system which was cheaper than using Apple app store payment system, which discounted the user by almost $2.00 USD on each transaction.

Once apple and now Google were aware of this Automatically the app was deleted from the stores and have not given indication when it will be back if it will be back at this point.

Epic Games already had been prepared with a 67-page lawsuit to both Apple and Google as they knew this was coming and was prepared to hand this in to the courts.

Epic has now taken to the public to gain support against using Apple and google payment system which takes a percentage of the publisher income from each transaction, as people would prefer to use a safe payment system like apple and google which is understandable from there side as well taking a small cut from the transaction but up to 30% of the transaction fee is very high in my personal opinion.

Epic Games released this on Twitter with the #FreeFornite, if you agree to help support the cause check out there twitter directly.

What are your thoughts would you rather pay through the app store giving you 100% safe use of your money been transacted or use the publisher's in-game payment to save that money, as this opens up a can of worms for other publishers to join the fight, not all publishers will be as secure as Epic Games which is why I understand using the app store payment system, let me know in the comments below on your thoughts.

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