Cooler Master's Solution To Cooling High-End Processors

We all know that Cooler Master are great with their cooling solutions from past releases, but they are taking it to the next level and have now unveiled a selection of new air coolers, improving and adding to the Master Air series; still pushing the market to this day with all new designs and better heat dispersion for the higher end CPU range.

Cooler Master have just showcased the new G200P and G400P air coolers at Computex 2019, which show great design and hopefully great cooling capacity offering both low and high profile versions tailored for any need.

The G400P is a 58mm low profile universal socket cooler supporting both AMD and INTEL sockets. This offers great flexibility in terms of fitment for a smaller sized case, allowing the user to not have to worry about clearance or getting enough air to cool what's under the hood of their rig.

As you can see the G400P is also designed not to interfere with RAM modules when fitted and cooling design on the fin stack is very well spaced, but what cools everything down is a unique 92mm fan which also comes in ARGB but according to Cooler Master it is an option.

What is most impressive about the G400P is it is capable of cooling down 150w processors, this makes it an ample solution for the likes of Intel's 9900k being 95w for example, so the G400P has plenty of head room for overclocking if needed. And for AMD side of things, the 2700x is 105w so once again the G400P is capable of cooling mainstream CPU's very easily.


The G200P is a very ultra-low profile design coming at only 40mm high. This also is an interference free air cooler which is a rare offering nowadays, making sure to clear higher sized Memory modules when installed and fitted into your motherboard, and once again also supports both AMD and Intel sockets.


Cooling the G200P is the same 92mm fan solution, once again in an optional ARGB variant. The G200P is aimed for small form factor (SFF) PC's with small areas to work with but still giving you good cooling at the same time. So if your building a Mini ITX build, the G200P would be the choice for potentially great cooling.

The G200P is designed for 95w Processors such as a stock Intel 9900k or AMD Ryzen 5 2600X both rated at 95w. The G200P will be capable of cooling these processors from a stock clock level and potentially a mild overclock. With both coolers showing great potential to cool the whichever processor you have in your system, with the added benefit of assisting cooling of VRM's around also, and as AIO closed-loop systems rely more on case fans to push air over the VRM heat sinks to further assist on cooling the chips down where as air coolers passively push air throughout and over the board.

What are your thoughts on Cooler Masters new G series air coolers? I personally think if someone wanted to replace stock air coolers or just wanted to build Mini ITX build and didn't want all the work with pipes and mounting radiators for AIO or custom loop, I think the G200P and G400P would be a great choice for any build.

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