Cooler Master's new concept game pod straight from Computex 2019

Cooler Master have been tinkering with "game pod" designs for few years now, and last year we had the pleasure of trying out the previous version they had at Computex 2018 and PAX Australia 2018 picture below, and personally, we loved the idea.

This version above did require to use of a PC but having this in your study or loungeroom as a one stop set-up is such a great idea.

Below is the current concept Cooler Master have set up at Computex 2019; Cooler Master have come up with a new design which looks completely different to the last model and looks like they have put a lot of research to make the gamer as comfortable as possible and did further adjustments on the how to give the best gaming experience possible, all at a suspected higher end price of course.

Looking at the concept design, this just shows how far Cooler Master has gone to make sure every part of your gaming experience is as immersing and out of this world, and you can also see in the photos that this model has integrated speakers for surround sound, electric adjustable seat, you can mount large monitor, and it even has a cup holder for them long gaming sessions. It's almost like all that's left is to integrate is the mini fridge!

We cannot wait to see the final version on the game pod from Cooler Master, I know this is not for everyone but I can guarantee every gamer out there would love to have one of these in their home; after all, why have a boring desk when you can have your own all-in-one battle station!

If you had the money, would you buy your own game pod for your home? Let us know in the comments below.

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