New Ampere cards Triple Slot and new benchmarks 3080 leaked

Rumors of the new NVIDIA flagship cards have been leaking on the web for the last few weeks just shy of the release in less than two weeks.

New Rumors have emerged the 3090 will be a triple-slot card and already talking of 850w Power supply will be required.

You would have thought NVIDIA would have made new generation graphics cards be more power-efficient but if you want more power and better frames it will come at a cost.

we don’t know exactly what the power draws from this next generation but I have to say looks like people may need to start looking at new Power supply if they do not meet requirements.

this is going to be another issue, Power supply manufacturers and PC retail stores have already said they will have low stock on PSU’s in the next coming months due to the demand and also pandemic that is going around the world at the moment has decreased production of new power supplies.

now to talk about the so called "leaks" of the 3080 benchmarks out of the box card is hitting a whopping 2100Mhz core clock and memory speed of 4750mhz with 10GB VRAM which is great if these numbers are actually true for performance, maybe allowing for further Overclock as well.

Only a few more days until the big reveal, let's hope NVIDIA can push the boundaries once again.

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