NVIDIA 3000 Series almost here!

We all have been waiting in anticipation of the new NVIDIA graphics cards as Turing series has reached it's 2-year lifespan when it was released September 2018.

We have seen so many publications so far on the new generation NVIDIA cards with leaks of the PCB, how much memory it may have also leaked performance increase over the current Turing cards. Some say 2080Ti has set the benchmark for the lowest Tier 3000 series to outperform the current powerhouse 2080Ti, which in most cases is not the case as we have seen in the current Turing series vs Pascal when it was released.

NVIDIA did release a teaser on Twitter 21 days for 21 years being in the business which will be showcasing September 1st and 9am PT with an online keynote for everyone to watch, please check your local times when to watch.

Below we have some screenshots which were taken from what seems to be the 3090 PCB take this with a grain of salt as we do with all leaks and so-called speculation

Image Publisher YuuKi_AnS : https://h.bilibili.com/86999798

but if this is true very interesting to see the layout we see 12GB of ram which in most cases we have seen speculation websites saying 3090 will have 24GB of ram but will have to wait and see.

As well micron has confirmed NVIDIA will be using GDDR6X memory in the chart below.

Now the next feature going around and once again take this with a grain of salt is the cooler NVIDIA has decided to use ill let you decide if you like the new design or not, but with a large number of leaked images from well-known sources more and more this is looking to be true.

I do understand having a fan pull the air over the PCB not blow over but will be interesting to see the "founders edition" cards how well they will be cooled.

What are your thoughts so far on NVIDIA new 3000 series "speculation" so far? we honestly cannot wait what NVIDIA has brought to 3000 series and start the benchmarking.

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