NVIDIA 3000 series new cooling designs and AMPERE improvements over Turing and 12PIN power added

With the release of NVIDIA new AMPERE architecture will bring better performance not just in 1080p and 1440p but in 4k 120hz and 8k 60hz gaming.

The new AMPERE architecture which is the second generation of the RTX line up, it has 28 billion Transistors over 30 Shader-TFLOPS as well using Micron GDDR6 memory with Samsung 8N custom process

now let's look at the improvements AMPERE has brought to the 3000 series cards now looking at this graph you would think its 1.9x better performance but this is not the case it is 1.9x better efficient over Touring based cards.

Seeing NVIDIA new cooling solution as well fan placements one below and above, As we can see Heat dissipation is what NVIDIA has aimed for here with a larger fin-stack exposing more surface area for airflow to go through as well larger vaper chamber over the entire PCB area covering VRMS and GPU chip, with the Bottom fan drawing in air and top fan expelling hot air from the cooling solution. Maximum GPU Temperature is 93 degrees celsius

NVIDIA has also added HDMI 2.1 as well support for PCIe Gen 4 for faster Bandwidth support for better 4k and 8k gaming, but be honest, not sure how many people will play in 4k or 8k monitors or tvs.

We can also see in the images below is NVIDIA new 12 pin power connector giving a single plug solution over twin power plugs we see today on most high-end graphics cards, this will allow for better power delivery to the PCB as well give better aesthetics to the cards,

we can see the 3090 has a slight angle while the 3070 below image is straight from the PCB, Now NVIDIA is supplying an adaptor to plug into existing PSU's but we will see new power supply manufactures having the custom NVIDIA 12 PIN power rail included very soon.

Graphics Card Power (W) on the 3090 is 350W the 3080 is 320W and 3070 is 220W.

The recommended power supplies for each is RTX3090 and RTX3080 must have 750W power supply the RTX 3070 will require a 650W power supply.

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