PC419 CS:GO Restructure

PC419 has gone through a roster change over the last few months trying to find their feet becoming the strong competing team they once were.

Over the past few weeks, the PC419 CSGO team has had issues with winning games in our MDL season and also internal issues with players not communicating or blending as a team.

As the Org owner, we have taken the next step to restructure the team and try to finish off the rest of the MDL season with a few wins and come back next MDL season stronger and more focused.

With the changes, we do have a roster update first, we have Doom one of the best Awpers of the game decided to step down from IGL and as from last night decided to leave the PC419 team to further his career in CS:GO with another team, we had Prodigy also leave moving on from the team.

We would like to thank Doom for all his work with PC419 as one of our original players and commitment, as also Prodigy for his time with PC419.

We have appointed new IGL, Danz to restructure the team and now trialing new players to fill in 2 spots we have left.

We also have Magnum couching our team and helping with the restructuring of our CS:GO, division.

I personally wanted to thank all the PC419 supporters through these rough times for the brand and CS:GO, it has been a frustrating start for 2020 for us we appreciate everyone's support.

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