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PC419 Rainbow Six Roster Update

Today we unfortunately say farewell to both Campo & Ravenous from our Rainbow Six: Siege team.

Ravenous has been released from his contract effective immediately, and is now free to explore other opportunities. Although he wasn't with us for very long, we have loved having him as part of the PC419 family and wish him all the best moving on in the future.

Campo, who is one of the PC419 R6's longest serving members has been provided with a fantastic opportunity with another organisation to boost his career. Although this is a massive loss to our team, there was no denying how big this is for him, so we could not stand in his way. Campo will be greatly missed and will leave big shoes to fill. We would like to thank him for everything he has done for us over the past year and we will continue to support him on his journey.

In the wake of losing 2 players, we would firstly like to welcome NoobFromAU back in to our core lineup. We would also like to welcome a new face to the team in Tesla. Tesla has shown some incredibly promising signs recently and we can't wait to see him in action for us soon.


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