PS5 to have AMD Hardware and PS5 Logo Reveal

SOny have been working hard to try keep the new PS5 under wraps to the public but constant leaks online showing what the PS5 will look like and now more so what hardware Sony will be using in the next generation console.

Next generation of PS5 has been confirmed to be using an AMD processor and graphics also Sony are stating of 8k gaming which will require a lot of horse power, included features of the PS5 are 3D audio, Haptics/ Adaptive triggers, Ultra high speed SSD, ultra Blu-Ray included but another interesting feature is Hardware-Based Ray Tracing which we would love to see in 8k.

Sony also revealed the new PS5 logo which in my thoughts is not much different to the previous console logos, i would of thought Sony would of made a major change to the logo but then again it does work and looks good.

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