We Farewell our R6 Manager and R6 Player Sageon

We will start off with our R6 Manager Dafcee, He has been an absolute pleasure to work with very determine to work with our players and the PC419 organization.

Over the last two years since joining PC419, Dafcee has formed the team and overseen the progress of the teams and importing proper structure to the R6 division for a long time and helped the rebuilding process with PC419.

He felt it was time to move on and look into his future endeavors.

I personally thank you for all your hard work and determination with PC419.

We would like to also give a special thanks to Sageon from the R6 team who has been given a good opportunity which he could not pass on. We wish him all the best in his siege career!

Thank you for everything you have done for the team since joining and then taking up the captain/IGL role of the team. We appreciate everything you have done to lead these boys since your stay here at PC419.

Both will be with PC419 until the end of the R6 LPL season then moving on from the Organization.

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