Antec Suite Computex 2018!

June 18, 2018

So our first Suite tour at Computex 2018 lined up was Antec, and I must say, the new line up they have to offer is absolutely fantastic. 


Antec have come back wanting to show the PC world who are the innovators from the early to mid 2000's which made cases far superior to other brands, not just in quality but innovation also and holding top in sales world wide for a long time, but since that time Antec have lost there way and other brands begun to take over, so over a year ago at Computex, Antec asked PC419 what do you think Antec is missing? We said bring back the old Antec we remember, which I am sure others would of said also, and looks like they have and came back fighting! With new Cases, PSU's, RBG fans, CPU Water Cooling and now they have there own Memory line up called 5 series.



This is one we did not see coming! ANTEC releasing there own line of Memory called 5 series. 

The Asus TUF series gets a huge line up from various manufactures jumping on board to team up with the TUF brand, Antec so far have come with TUF series Power supplies and Memory called 5 series TUF Gaming memory.  


The memory modules come in 8GB modules, DDR4 3000 Mhz, CAS Latency 16 with 16-18-18-36 Timings with a voltage of 1.35v and yes this ram is RBG. This is expected to be released Q4 of 2018 but may go into early 2019. 



We are excited to see ANTEC coming back to the enthusiast market with a new case called Krypton. This case looks absolutely fantastic not just in design but build quality also, this case is still to be announced when it will go on sale.



 With the Krypton tempered glass side panel and built and futuristic front panel design show casing more towards industrial look PC case, we can see a market for this case as it will bring modders to there imagination to customize this case. 


Antec have released new line of Power supplies (PSU) in the market, from Titanium to Platinum and high current gamer series. 


The Titanium and Platinum series looks like they are very well built PSU's and are fully modular with high grade build materials inside more on these PSU's when they arrive at the studio.



Antec are also releasing a new version of the high current gamer power supplies or to who remembers the old days HCG power supplies we called them, very well built supplies and held up against the competitors.

Antec do have a HCG extreme series which comes in 1000w and 850w also lower wattage HCG

power supplies which are 650w, 750w and 850w. 




Antec Prizm ARGB fans with twin lighting system on both sides of the fans look great, Antec will have two fan sizes 120mm and 140mm with both having addressable RGB and over 40000 hours life span.


Fan quality from what we've seen looked good but do look basic with the twin RGB rings added on both sides on a stock fan housing.




We enjoyed our suite tour with Antec and are looking forward to the new line up they have to offer. Stay tuned for Antec reviews on our YouTube channel which we will have the links below. 


If you wish to see the Antec suite video click the video below, if you like the video hit the like button, subscribe and hit the bell icon for instant notifications to PC419 reviews and videos! 














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