Super Mario Kart is 26 years old!

August 28, 2018

In the racing game world, one of the undeniable legends and pioneers that helped shape racing games into what we know them as today was Super Mario Kart.

Released on the 28/08/1992 in Australia (27th in USA) for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Super Mario Kart brought some of Nintendo's most loved and iconic characters such as Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Princess Peach & Toad to the racing world. 


In a time where racing games were typically just straight lines where you would move your vehicle left and right to avoid crashing, Super Mario Kart revolutionised the racing game genre with far more realism (for the time) as well as the introduction of the power slide and jumping. 


One of the other key features was the heavy focus on the use of weaponry in the races, as well as it's incredibly fun battle mode that pitted friends together in a fight to the death!


With its heat seeking missile inspired red shells, green shells that would bounce everywhere and usually end up bouncing back and hitting whoever launched them and dropping bananas behind you for your opponents to slip on, the chaos in the game was always high. With those weapons combined with a few others, it wasn't uncommon to go from 1st place to last place, thanks to an opponent's weapons.

Super Mario Karts success and popularity helped inspire many of the racing games to follow such as its sequel Mario Kart 64 on Nintendo 64, Crash Team Racing, Diddy Kong Racing, Sonic & All-Stars racing transformed and many others! Soon enough most non racing game fan favourite characters were finding themselves in similar racing games and helping the racing game industry develop and shape into how we know it today.


So a big happy 26th birthday to Super Mario Kart. Thanks for all the memories, and perhaps we'll see a remastered version come to fruition in the future.


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