Count down begins! NVIDIA RTX 3000 series launch 1st September 2020!

We have speculated for the last few weeks about NVIDIA new RTX line up and we only have one more day left to find out what they have brought to the plate AKA your PC to enjoy.

But we do have one more leaked specs to put here until the big reveal on the 1st September.

Thanks to for getting this information to the web, Gainward looks like to have leaked actual specs of the 3090 and some of the 3080 series.

With early leaks stated the new RTX line up will be power hungry cards, this has once again changed stating 3090 will only need 350W of power at max power output.

As well specs in the below photo show's the RTX 3090 does indeed have 24GB of VRAM and RTX 3080 has 10GB of VRAM, as well as clock speeds and memory speeds of the RTX 3090.

so in comparison, to the current video cards if you have to compare specs will go like this RTX2080ti - RTX3080 -TITAN V - RTX3090 being most powerful until new TITAN is revealed or Ti version of the 3090 is released if it will be.

I will not go into much with more speculation because we only have one more d