NVIDIA new 3000 series has come and with the horsepower for PC gaming!

If you missed this morning (AEST) launch of NVIDIA new 3000 series line we have all the information you need below in our blog.

We all have been speculating what NVIDIA will release in the AMPERE line up and just have to say wow! with Jenson and the NVIDIA team showcasing next generation gaming is going to great for 2020, which at least is a positive for this year.

I will be splitting the NVIDIA launch blogs into a few separate as we have too much information just for one blog but let's start with pricing and performance

As you can see NVIDIA have priced the cards well starting from $499 USD with the RTX 3070 and the going to RTX 3080 at $699 USD but the RTX 3090 having an almost $1000 jump of $1499.00 but as well bringing double the VRAM and more performance over 3070 and 3080.

As confirmed the 3090 will have 24Gb VRAM and 3080 wil have 10GB VRAM and the 3070 will have 8GB of VRAM, release dates are shown in the image above.

Let's look at the performance in game is what we want to see these stats are from NVIDIA directly, in world benchmarks and performance may be different to system specs you may have.