Windows 95 turns 25 years today, Released 24th of August 1995!

When Windows 95 hit the PC world it was a huge leap in PC operating systems,

prior to windows 95, Windows 3.0 – 3.1 (1990–1994) was already outdated and mainly based on the DOS system, my self growing up through these times and personally experiencing the tech race from early 80's till today in 2020 is something that can never be taken away from me.

When Windows 95 was released I would say most people would have had to upgrade the old 286 or 386 PC's to run Windows 95 below are the system requirements needed to run windows 95

  • Computer with a 386DX, 20MHz or higher processor, running the MS-DOS operating system version 3.2 or later, or running Microsoft Windows version 3.0 or later, or running OS/2 version 2.0 or later

Note: Do not install Windows 95 on a computer with a B1 (stepping) chip.

  • 4MB of memory (8MB recommended)

  • At least 70MB of available hard disk space for installation

Actual requirements may vary based on the features you choose to install. UITS recommends that you keep at least 10% of the drive free to reduce errors and fragmentation; therefore, on a 1GB drive, keep 100MB free.

  • One 3.5" high-density disk drive or a CD-ROM drive

  • VGA or higher resolution graphics card

Options, some of which are required by applications, include:

  • Mouse or compatible pointing device

  • Modem/fax modem

  • Audio card/speakers for sound